Tilapia in Aquaponics

July 10, 2017

Tilapia is a popular fish for aquaponics, in that it is a sturdy and adaptable fish. 
Aquaponics combines aquaculture and hydroponics, where plants and fish are grown in a symbiotic system. Fish are grown in tanks, with their waste providing organic fertilizer to feed the plants. The fish's environment is then purified, as the plants absorb the nutrients and filter the water. 
This method uses ninety percent less water than soil based farming, and doesn't involve any pesticides or artificial nutrients. Because the fish environment is spacious and clean, there is no need for antibiotics. 
The aquaponics system can be adapted to nearly any scale, from a small backyard system, to a large commercial system. Aquaponics has gone from the realm of experimental to an efficient and sustainable way to feed large populations, even in urban settings, increasing food availability, and decreasing fuel consumption. This method also protects our rivers and lakes, because, unlike traditional soil farms, there is no harmful fertilizer runoff into the water systems. 
Aquaponics is changing the way the world grows food!